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Pioneering the Smart Home Revolution

Live Smarter with HomeLogix

We’re making Austin the Smart Home Capital of the World! From audio visual to networking solutions, we're here to provide all that you need to support a lifestyle of comfort, efficiency, and eco-friendliness.

Audio Visual Solutions

Home Theater Design and Installation

Whether it's a cozy family movie night or a thrilling gaming session with friends, a well-designed media room provides a space for entertainment that goes beyond the standard living room setup

4K Projection

4K projection is a key component of advanced home entertainment systems, combining high-resolution visuals with immersive audio for a truly cinematic experience

Surround Sound Designs Including Dolby Atmos

Surround sound technology has evolved over the years, offering increasingly sophisticated audio experiences. Whether in a home theater, gaming setup, or professional audio environment, surround sound systems play a crucial role in delivering immersive and lifelike audio for a wide range of multimedia content

Whole-Home And Business Audio Streaming

The best music in Austin everywhere, just a tap away!

Audio distribution is a necessity for entertaining or just listening to your favorite tunes throughout your home or office

Home Automation Solutions

Home Automation

Take control of your audio visual technology with an automated control system. Our custom designed systems allow control with universal remotes, smart phones, tablets and in-wall touchscreens


Intelligent Lighting

Lighting control is a popular feature in modern smart home ecosystems, offering users greater flexibility and control over their lighting environments while promoting energy efficiency and convenience. Whether in residential or commercial settings, lighting control systems enhance the functionality, aesthetics, and energy efficiency of your lighting system

Remote Security Management

Our smart home systems allow users to control door locks, arm and disarm alarms, view camera feeds, and receive alerts on their devices remotely to enhance overall home security

Energy-Efficient Options

A smart home system reduces energy consumption with the ability to control your technology either home or away, reducing your utility bills and the overall cost of operating equipment decreases

Planning and Support Solutions

Consultation Services

Need advice on your home automation journey? We're here, contact us today for an estimate!

Design & Installation Planning

From the first sketch to the final touch, we're with you every step of the way

Ongoing Technical Support

We provide ongoing support for all your technology needs

Explore Smart Home Technology

We use the latest technology from the leading manufacturers,

click on the images below to explore all the products and solutions they offer!

Ubiquiti Networks

Smart Solutions for Commercial Spaces

HomeLogix extends its services beyond homes. Our commercial smart solutions include everything from conference rooms to VOIP. Inquire today about how we can help your business modernize to positively enhance your employees’ and customers’ satisfaction and transform the world of work for the better.

Smart Solutions For Commercial Spaces
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Let's Get Smart!

Contact us today for customized smart solutions for your Austin area home or business.

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